I purchased the Dyson Air Wrap when it launched and I had high hopes. I live in Canada so the price for the complete kit is higher so my total came to $740 dollars…my wallet and my hair were NOT happy!

If you are looking to purchase this here are a few of my notes:
– im sure itll work fine on hair that is short to medium length and not heavily layered
– If your hair is very very curly im not sure how smooth itll make your hair.. considering that I dont have curly hair and my hair still felt rough
– if you have some texture to your hair maybe the curl might last longer on you..for me it didnt really do anything
-This is supposed to be less heat damage than a regular iron – while I do think this is partly true, the airwrap still gets REALLY hot and the heat is being blown into one spot so it does burn your scalp so if you do have this, i recommend moving the airwrap so it doesnt just blow hot air onto one area
-I love Dyson tools so I had high hopes for this, I hope in the future they come out with a longer curling attachment so I can give this another shot!

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  1. Heyyyyyy so… just wanted to clear up a few things about this tool that im seeing pop up in the comments.. I did use the tool how they directed by blasting it with the cool shot once i was done, but i failed to mention that in the video because as a hairdresser, cool shot is just something that comes naturally to me and i guess i just forgot to talk about it. I apologize for not mentioning that.. HOWEVER, this tool just didnt work for ME, and my hair length, texture, density, thickness etc. I could have taken even smaller sections but that probably would have doubled my styling time to 4 hours and im not about to spend HOURS doing my hair… no thanks. My opinion is not the end all be all of everything.. its just a little insight for anyone who has hair like I do, that was considering spending their hard earned money on this. Do your research on whats best for YOU.

  2. Surely you need to dry the hair near the root with the smoother, using the curler with damp hair at the roots will cause the frizz you demonstrated

  3. Your hair is too dry to begin with

  4. It seems to be a little bit difficult for long hair…but this isn't my problem because my hair aren't so long and I absolutely haven't 700$ for this tool ?

  5. Tesoro dopo aver fatto il ricciolo devi mettere aria fredda x tenere in forma …riprova

  6. Lmao you did it wrong. I've seen others with longer and thicker hair than yours do it perfectly fine.

  7. I would recommend you watch some videos of people with long hair using this. There are a lot out there, and they tell exactly what to do (and not to do). I have this, but it only cost me 549. I tried using a curling iron a few days ago and did not like the results – I’ve been converted. I believe you have a few of the techniques wrong here. I don’t have any of the issues you mentioned.

  8. Maybe you should cut a Bit of your hair

  9. Definitely this product isn't for thick and long hair!

  10. I was a bit sceptical first but I agree with you it didn't really work On your hair.
    Your hair is gorgeous and so shiny wish mine would look like that.

  11. You have beautiful, glossy dark hair, please wear a lighter coloured top so I can see your hair.

  12. I think your sections are way too big try it with smaller ones or with the round brush 🙂

  13. Your hair is for this sh*t to looonnnnggg!!

  14. I feel this is a geniusproduct. Meant to help salon stylist. For long hair they might have to get longer barrels. Turn it off before you pull it down ward's.

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