Oh great worm time… | Terraria Mod-Pocalypse ep. 8

Oh great worm time… | Terraria Mod-Pocalypse ep. 8


Mods I'm playing with:
Thorium Mod
Calamity Music
Calamity Rogue Stealth Strikes Only
Recipe Browser
Boss Intros
Calamity Vanities
Hunt of the Old God
Catalyst Mod
SubWorld Library
Boss Checklist
Fargo’s Mutant Mod
Fargo’s Souls mod
The Stars Above
Fargo's Souls x Calamity Сompatibility
Pets Overhaul
Fargo’s Souls DLC
Calamity Flamethrowers
Starlight River
Particle Library
Calamity Noxus Boss
Bosses as NPCs
Hypnos in Calamity mod
Kirbo pets
Magic Storage
Expanded Inventory
Boss Cursors
Begone, Evil!

-No spamming
-No cursing
-No harrassing
-No raids
-Speak in English, French or Spanish
-Enjoy the stream! c:
Hello um yeah warm time I am not excited but also say some one thing I am finally got like the new mascot I guess you could say please I guess you could say that um ah I got a new Andy's gone as probably all you know I got a new figure thing uh

Yeah we got a new mic this is a new microphone okay um it's not showing oh no well that's worrisome hold on second um what this mic is very cool I would say that oh no it's not working hold it's like out of oh that no what okay hold on a second

Um something is wrong is very wrong with this death cter turn yes indeed something is very wrong I don't know what's going on with the V too something's going on all right a show up won't you what's going on I just renamed it as all Source uh how why not um

Bit bit or what do you want oh okay same type same executable why no ah G what is going on what oh it's in it's it's not in full screen that's why it was in full screen makes sense okay this should work yes it does yes I got this now

I I I swear I tried to redraw Andy I I could not find a way to do it it was wasn't Happ something I had I had the idea just to make this so yeah not just that this also has a bunch of emotions there's here's like normal neutral yes here is

Anger it's anger and laughter I guess so that's that you'll be seeing that so this works I got actually had time to load we had kop pit I remember um tell me what you think is like is like OB brand new in store wrong wrong window here oh it's raining in the

Desert things what it's raining in the desert oh wait I forgot to turn off chrome perfect was random Calamity Calamity plusy Camp oh that would be cool we need a mod fashy I don't exactly remember how to play like two weeks I think three even so we're trying to get a feel on

How to play again maybe collect some heart stuff that's we needed we forgot we created a fountain last night like the stream was spent on greeting a fountain ah Oh look Hearts oh wow Shiny Pokemon indeed I just like it's call I I forgot blood is an item so how are we all today oh come on no don't do this to me why is he playing roll start oh I never played that is it fun obviously hurt all

It it's pretty much it I have to say that for the for the the worm isn't that like a mobile game it probably is these blue Stacks let's be honest there's a worm I can hear it it's coming it's coming whoa that came out of nowhere why there's so many slimes got

The blood moon I see that what's that what is that what's making all those weird Portables there's a shark on the ground why am I losing that's a shark Underground got a place is this that doesn't make sense how's there a shark underground a shark it's a shark underground that make absolutely no sense how is that a thing that was perfectly normal oh absolutely no sense a whole lot of slimes I should probably set that for the

World minus five m Max life mine is fat okay okay okay wow I just going to explore the ground while waiting for well the blood Mo to finish there's no way I'm playing the blood moon what F what why do I hear Boss music what Patchwork patch work what there's so many

Bombs what's going on what is even that guy what no a ow that was a terrible idea after all I get no money out this is this is two deaths hold on a second this is two deaths I forgot this is two death so far no that's two okay we got two

Deaths hello it's Bernie um we are having major pain in terrarium today we are not say there's even a vicious goldfish they're inside the house how they inside the house what is that the vicious goldfish what are those grave Lim this is the legendary whisper huh

That stupid but I had no idea you could change the color of the buttons on OBS you can stop you can are are these normal colors no that's right I did change it like months ago that's right no you can somewhere this is not safe anymore I'm leaving that's a third

Death that's a third death three so how's everyone today you're ask me I'm doing terribly I wanted to fight a war then this happen is that a thing on OBS yes it is um it's buried way deep inside if I remember correctly ow leave me alone he is those are the default colors

I found interesting yep but it's not even it's not even 20 minutes already four deaths and we even fought the wor yet I'm just trying to survive the night and it's a sandstorm thing and there a sandstorm and is the Sandstone thing man terrar is a wild I didn't sumon Anything looks he's here is is he's here why is he here don't I am just trying to play and have fun th The cus are we winning no yeah I have the point I CBO pets that's like the best mod in the pack this is the only one that doesn't actively try to kill you which they're all doing a pretty good job I am just trying to get home you no idea how hard this

Is I killed a bat in a tree I'm so lucky I have these things I'm in immense pain right now mentally it's a blood Mo the most before this is the most experience bad the worst experience i' ever had with a blood walk is cool like before this is the worst

Experience I had with a blood moon was in breath of the wild oh he's alone oh he's alone he's alone he's alone but not not anymore he brought his friends what pain is it this is just ter right look how many Ms are like this a this a blue candle effect

Here I can't take this at I was wondering sh I should probably stream this instead of Boom I don't know maybe more be I regret streaming this in the first it's only pain this is all this is pain this is only pain nothing

More I I can't do it even the H ring is not safe I'm leaving I'm got to go into the caverns down the pyramid where nothing can get us no you're so slow get out of my way can't even have fun in town why does this Feel Like a Dungeon Crawler

This is even worse in the world this is even worse in the what I going to do I got some Stone walks I got to go mine down here find a safe place in my make a hole and survive it until if these things can leave me Alone what is that fog blind say sealed we safe maybe the sum can kill it are you chainsaw man no I'm not I'm just the mashed potato Proto amplifier othero power God engorged on and what's next he's going to come out I call the death SC is going to come

Out where random not in some better acent that is an umbrella it is an umbrella I'm an immense pain why I'm bleeding let sa let see let see what to say this only does this moment remind me of how long nights are to I think I end of the stream I remember

Like there was a blood moon out of nowhere I just ended it there because I I could not take it well has everyone I mean other one watch like world's most boring stre like dig I just dig and like go in the closed area that way nothing can get to us but

We still that yes what's going on oh what's been going on wait what are yall been doing recently been a while has night ended yes that Shel looks nice like I live there sure it's a corrupt goldfish don't think we have the corruption here no I do have best of

Both what is that noise is that the goldfish or is that Kirby come on Kirby kbo sorry Unholy shs and and taking damage releases a black [Applause] yes this is just all right we're to actually fight the worm now let's go heal up at our nice hot

Spring ah endless of Joy but we still can't moment of peace or nothing's trying to kill us I have killed someone I have the gry stone on in in my bed like near my bed okay blood orb what does that do okay everybody's out I cloaked and Spark plus four stealth

Generation I'll take that you know what time it is I do more shoe the merchant does he have okay I need to see what he sounds he has rope he rope oh he doesn't have he does have a lamp hel guess that counts and torches oh it would be really funny if

You had lamp oil rope and bombs he was a thing to suon constantly generate an 11 life sh oh I have balls we're just missing the lamp oil what do we where is this suon there where where is it uh oh did I lose it huh don't tell me you're going to have

To spend another 40 years grinding it oh that's good that's going to help with the worm a lot I could have sworn I had it one time man it have been has been 5 years don't me BL the blood more mashed potatoes very slow let say video games are meant to be played

F the Creator the I the creator of modocs mod cap mod pack begs to defer cuz this game this mod pack anything but fu Please this is the crafting one of a gold bird what do I have a summon item what's this though Oh there it is there's a medallion let's do this more she's dying no that boy bombs I hate worms mini map oh they're all coming they're all converging kill the mini ones I also have a telegraph that tells him to take damage okay cuz one thing I I noticed that

I that I barely do is to heal myself where's the Other Desert guy oh there's only one I thought he's only one oh my gosh oh that's awesome there's only one need to take advantage of that Convergence he's almost dead which is good all [Applause] okay we're doing decent this is like this is like the best run I've ever had but it's all going to come crashing down I'm telling you it's all going to come crashing down no right here right now told you did that

Work yes it did nice so now oh that was a really good one that was such a nice run I'm proud of that I'm proud of that of course we're going to do it again how did I get Damage cacti give damage okay let's do this I go look back at the footage see what happened to the other one what happened to my I'm not even looking okay this is bad this is a very bad run that's two deaths I just remember 11 if we hit the double digits

We hit the old digits oh gosh we have a graveyard oh that'll be fun oh you're here that's it one Mr Nice Guy we're doing this he it's much more aggressive this time you what I think we might have despawned the other one I like the Sparks thing it's it's like

Finally something good comes out of the my my my habit of just damaging myself well running into to damage just say here we go here comes the others I am tired of this right I our lost Words there's nothing nothing can describe how much p save me okay another go I wasted on that for nothing much wolf and scraps do I have I have four I should probably go try and find more Okay that's Good that's what the squirel was that was a fun boss fight this is not fine one more try what is shiny I told you there's the three emotions I am thinking tired of this game okay let's do this again shall we ow what I've never done to

You I had to dissect the one on that was fun more fun than whatever this is okay so that's over and I'm not ready that's on me who need better healing supplies suppli well things to heal kill this guy kill this guy kill this guy he's so close to

Dying I only have like two More he's so close to dying I don't know what that does but okay I think he he didn't die yet little the little one died he doesn't give anything other than a few copper that heals cannot come any faster dang it I hate potion sickness he's coming for

More got the grass blade it's the grass blade I I Can't short stream I know okay um I GNA say this I am really not a fan this is the genuinely frustrating so um I will say that you will probably see me streaming this a lot less frankly now I am legitim tired ding over and over

That doesn't mean I don't want to give this up it's pretty fun it's just annoying to say the least very annoying maybe I'll stream something else maybe I think I will I'll do something else


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Written by Maridia

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