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  • Do You Need Life Insurance?

    Do You Need Life Insurance?

    You’ve probably heard that you need life insurance. You may have even experienced the pleasure of an online, telephone, or in-person sales experience. But, what exactly is life insurance, and why do you need it? Basic Policies: An Understanding These policies are a contract between you as the company issuing the policy. Under a policy, […] More

  • Your Insurance Coverage – Is It Adequate?

    Your Insurance Coverage – Is It Adequate?

    Many folks don’t realize how much money they spend on insurance premiums. Car, life, home, contents insurance, and extended warranties can be costly. Insurance is risk assessment and coverage. It deals with the future, so, like all decisions, we need to go to Jesus for guidance. Only He knows the future. Every time we consider […] More

  • What Is Health Insurance?

    What Is Health Insurance?

    What is health insurance and why do I need it? Health insurance protects you and your family from a financial hardship due to medical expenses in the untimely event that you are injured or become ill. There are four types of health insurance, you may need just one or you may need a combination to […] More

  • Types of Medical Malpractice Insurance

    Types of Medical Malpractice Insurance

    One of the first elements attorneys consider in a malpractice case is the type of insurance the accused medical professional has and the liability coverage limits of the specific policy. Different insurance types and liability limits warrant different case strategies. If you are considering filing a medical malpractice claim, you may find it helpful to […] More

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